Training policy
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“A full-scaled training can lead to better services; strategic empowerment can enhance professional capacity.”

We believe that, as we endeavor to assist the city government in realizing its vision, carrying out its mission, and attaining its ultimate goal of, it is our responsibility to offer the best training programs to the government worker of every unit, helping each and every one of them find the right place and show his or her talent to the greatest extent. With the aid of most specialized analysis of professional capacity, we have made great efforts to offer all the government workers the courses and programs they need the most, so that they can meet the requirements set by the city government. We hope that this can further help each of them upgrade his or her expertise and capability of serving citizens’ needs and expectations for us. We shall bring together all the characteristics of local culture, encourage all the government workers to show their competitiveness in a global perspective, and work together to create a unique city, a great place to live.

We are greatly committed to becoming a knowledge depot for the government workers of Taiwan City. On the belief that “a full-scaled training can lead to better services,” We are trying to create a more diversified environment for lifelong learning and reach a benchmark status among all the cities and counties in Taiwan. TTQS training quality system, as our best guideline, has turned us into one of the best public service training institutions.

 To make our training programs meet the needs of government workers, we are also committed to developing our training objectives as follows:

  1. To continuously improve our training systems and acquire certifications in relevant aspects from various National Training Assessments;
  2. To actively promote a comprehensive assessment, analyze the differences among distinct professional capacities, and employ the “student resume” approach to gradually resolve any deficiency in terms of professional capacity;
  3. To categorize teachers and lecturers from the academia, industry and public sector into several groups in accordance with their professional capacities, thereby establishing a database of lecturers and teachers that is appropriate for government workers;
  4. To help those who have just passed the government admission exams and those who are transferred from other counties or cities to Taiwan internalize the vision, the core values, and the ethics of public service that are essential to the city government;
  5. To achieve the annual goals of the city government.