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Organization▲This center is staffed by a director, a secretary, an academic affairs group, a general affairs group, part-time accountants and part-time personnel

Director General Affairs Section Academic Affairs Section Adjunct Accountant Adjunct personnel officer
 Unit Responsibilities  Contact Extension
 EducationalAffairs Division 1. policy planning
06-2548800 31~33、35~39
2. Planning and implementation of annualtraining programs
3. Curriculum design.
4. Student management, inviting lecturers, tracking training results
5. Planning, development, and management of digital learning programs
6. Planning and management of training information systems
7. Research and development
 General Affairs Division 1. Management of general businesses
06-2548800 21~23、25、27~28
2. Online bidding of procurement cases and performance management
3. Property management
4. Planning and management of office sites and buildings
5. Treasury management
6. Library managemen
7. Management of chop, files, and documents
8. Management of global information network
Adjunct personnel Officer 1. Organization and enforcement of personnel regulations and rules
06-2548800 32
2. Management of welfare, appointments, rewards and punishments
3. Management of health insurance and pension
4. Enforcement of government ethics,such as property declaration and anti-corruption measures
Adjunct accountant Accounting and organization of budgets and accounts
06-2548800 25