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June 2023


CSDITN was established on December 25, 2010, when Tainan City was merged with the former Tainan County, as a unit specialized in personnel training for the government workers of Tainan City Government. It is the goal of CSDITN to encourage continuous learning and form a higher degree of teamwork and consensus, in order to face the increasingly specialized and diversified administrative work and in response to urban development and citizens’ expectation for the government. CSDITN will certainly become an important driving force for the progress of Tainan City.

Rather than spending a great amount of money and time on a new building for training institutions, CSDITN initiated the “University City” plan to create abundant resources, learning atmosphere, and excellent training environment, with the lowest cost and at the fastest speed. As a result of public bidding and evaluating, CSDITN successfully anchored at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and officially launched its operation on September 6, 2011. To enhance its “soft power” and “training and assessment competencies,” CSDITN adopted the “Talent Quality-management System ,TTQS” as its assessment guideline in the same year. It set up a training system with 5 aspects: plan – design – do – review – outcome. Thanks to the joint efforts of all our staff, CSDITN won the “2011 TTQS Silver Medal of Business Institution” award, which laid the foundation of our professional training. 2012 to 2021 saw our winning of “TTQS Gold Medal” award for nine consecutive years. In 2016, CSDI TN won the “National Talent Development Award” and became “the first and only” civil service development institute to win the award, which was an indicator of standard model.

It is the  vision of CSDITN to “foster public servants with high-quality public service and build a learning depot for the entire staff of city government”.

It is our mission to “create a diverse environment for lifelong learning and achieve a benchmark status among training institutions”.

It is our goal to “find the right place for everyone to show his or her talent to the greatest extent,” based on the core value of “excellence, innovation and sustainability” as well as the strategy of “learning enhancement with effective integration of training resources.”

Finally, it is our hope that, by “developing educational training, introducing new thoughts into government workers, and strengthening their professional knowledge and ability to innovate, we can help Tainan city government increase its administrative efficiency, make its administration incorruptible and impartial, and bolster its competitiveness in an international context.