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Three Days For TOEIC Test Course 2015-05-26 07:50:03
◎課後感想:Languages are changeable and development constantly, if they are seldom used by people, the languages will disappear and people forget
them a lot. Languages are one kind of cultures, and express difference among many countries. After Taiwan's accession to WTO, facing
strong international competitiveness as well as restructuring of the domestic industry, leading to the continuous rise of domestic corporate
demand for English talent. Moreover, English is globalized for a long time, with the coming of the global village, the importance of English
language increasing day by day, and becomes one of the major languages in the world; just like it will be the second official language in Tainan city.

Owing to the government's push on English as the second official language, public servants have to improve English ability. Especially Tainan City, one of Mayor's policy is implementing “10- year plan of regarding English as the second official language"; Lai Mayor claims that Tainan City will full of vitality and be movable proactively to make Tainan City get more integration with the other countries and improvement of
administrative sections of the vision and efficiency of public service. Moreover, in order to promote Tainan civil servants' handling foreign
affairs in English, Civil Service Development Institute of Tainan City Government delivered one course about English test named “TOEIC Test Basic Accelerated Class”.

It was at the end of last year, there was an opportunity to attend this course-“TOEIC Test Basic Accelerated Class” for me. This was one class for 3 days. When I arrived at an university on the first day, a place conducting a class, I was excited to meet many fellows who serve every
different department or unit in Tainan city government. Since the class was called “accelerated class", as the name suggests, its content was
compacted (only 3 days) , key points were solid and analyzed direction of test truly; it was designed for those persons who never attended
TOEIC test or pass before. Its aim was making trainees reach primary level at least .At first, the instructor held a previous test in the class,
including vocabulary and grammar. This can reveal members' English ability level, and let the instructor revise her teaching methods.
After easy previous TOEIC test, we were in screening from the past questions, Part 1 to Part 4 inclusive (listening comprehension test).
She was very enthusiastic and patient that she gave many instructions in the methods of preparing TOEIC test, such as listening tips, grammar concept.

Test of English for International Communication is briefly called “TOEIC”. The TOEIC test is an English language proficiency test for people whose native language is not English. TOEIC test scores demonstrate how well people can communicate in English
with others in the workplace over the world. It is one type answered by choosing (so, you should finish all as you can as possible
in limited time), and since the course was specialized "basic", we should get the basic level at least in the TOEIC test (It is at lowest 220 scores; listening comprehension is above 115 scores and reading comprehension is above 110 scores ). Now, begin to talk about each part in TOEIC test. Part 1 was "photograph description". The speaker spoke one or two sentences to descript one picture, then we chose one right answer; yet Part 2 (Question-Response) and Part 3 (Short Conversations-two people dialogues) are the other types of TOEIC test. When we listened to the speaker's words, perhaps it was a question or statement then we chose one correct reply in Part 2. In Part 1 and Part 2, we can delete wrong sentences by judging "Question phrase" and use "key word" to choose one correct answer. As for Part 3, we heard some conversations between two people, then answered three questions about what the speakers said in each conversation. In spite of these three parts seemed to be somewhat easy, we practiced with many questions to increase our self-confidence. I ever found I can't understand them in the beginning, that is to say, I understood only one ,
two words or sentences. I didn't understand what the meanings of the whole sentences and dialogues were until the answers were
revealed; to my surprise, what were learned in school before; even while I listened to feedback from the correct answers , and published
the correct Chinese translations immediately, which made me a little disappointed and discouraged in that moment for my own English
ability. Later, I checked my blind spots and amended my learning mode that I have to strengthen the memory of words, phrases, expand
their quantity, for example, often memorize glossary, phrases or use them at common time.

Next, the 2- day was concerning about Part 4 to Part 7, class time might not be enough, and the instructor analyzed problem-solving
skills very little; only referred handouts to gain some directions by myself. Part 4 was the most difficult to overcome
my listening week points than the other parts. I also did a lot of self-strengthening exercises, but the effect was limited.
I spent most time preparing for listening section, for instance, borrowed books from the library after work, and even practiced
more and more on holidays, which could remind traps and tricks or did self-test to view the degree itself. Sometimes, seeing resolves,
and suddenly I discovered what the content of speech of those speakers were, why I got it wrong and misunderstood its meaning
by some of the dialogues or sentences, I felt stunned or funny. Frankly speaking, I rarely speak and listen to English, so that I listened
to what the speaker's words were incompletely, even liaison, assimilation, and speed were also my obstacles when I answered.
There is one saying: “Practice makes perfect”. The instructor suggested that we do our best to practice from the website sources
and examine online.

After all, “ God helps those who help themselves." to obtain high score I must study very hard in need of a great deal exercises,
I was nervous that I was busy with my job and had little time to prepare this test. Nevertheless, “No pains, no gains.”, no matter how
difficult, I had to vacate my time to make effort preparing the TOEIC test. Because to be familiar with the real situations of TOEIC test and four countries speakers' accent (UK, USA, Canada, Australia) , I was very hard to figure out; murmured in the mouth, and distinguished confusing pronunciation of words. The instructor also continuously reminded us of the answering skills and paying attention to pitfalls to avoid false choice.

Next part 5, part 6 and part 7 are grammar- reading comprehension tests, the lecturer told us the skills of word memorizing on these parts, such as prefixes, suffixes and other notation, which let us know how to select the correct answer of Part 5 and Part 6 (Part 5 and Part 6 are sentence & passage completion). In Part 5 and Part 6, a word or phrase is blank in some of sentences and select the best answer to complete the sentence. According to my experience, to get better progress not only to remember common words, but also words used in more professional contexts. Part 7 is one kind test of reading comprehension, including single passage and double passages, we read a variety of texts and answered several different types of reading comprehension questions. They are consisted of advertisement, notice, announcement, report, forms, e-mail etc.. So next course was the concept of grammar review for Part 7, the instructor gave lecture on the subject to review and this section by an integrating way to reveal; perhaps it wasn't enough for curriculum time, so that she delivered us on grammar curriculum was not very exhaustive. Therefore, I had to recall the actual strength of original grammar by myself to review
or refresh for examination on Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. Furthermore, it is necessary to discipline reading speed for us to get higher score.

The 3-day course of a simulated test, the lecturer completely contrasted formal test mode to select 200 questions from retired TOEIC test, she
simulated official TOEIC test to practice the subject, reviewed the topics and avoid the participants' fallibility again. Later, she provided some
pieces of advice that there are several tips for preparing for actual test (TOEIC test was held on February). Firstly, concentrate in class. Secondly,study over the course of time. Last but not least, get a good night's rest before the test day". The lecturer said “Go to bed early, and don't stay up". Be certain to keep plentiful spirit and clear brain, then get good grade.

After the TOEIC test, I was not satisfied with the results for this performance in the exam fell short of my expectation- only pass the primary level. In fact, I was serious in class but during the preparation from day to night or little curriculum time, graduated from the school for
many years and so on, I have forgotten much more rusty, and it is inadequate preparation.

My job is dealing with social affairs about disabled people in the public district office at present, and I seldom meet foreigners who speak
English. Although I have no chance to use English on my job now, I still enhance my English ability and would like to attend TOEIC test again to make further progress. In the future, if I have any opportunity to serve foreigners who speak English and communicate fluently, which will be better to raise efficiency of treating public business.

To sum up, participating in TOEIC test courses is not only to pass the exam., but also increases the quantity of vocabulary, phrases, grammar concept and raises the degree of English. The main aim of the course is to value languages applied in the job and communicate effectively in the public department. In addition, Taiwan has been listed in an internationalized country nowadays and the importance of English can not be overemphasized.