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The cultural and historical capital can lead to achieve an awesome career, possess a perfective life 2015-05-28 11:29:12
◎課後感想:This is to be honor for attending the studying lectures of new recruits on the seventh of May, 2015. These lectures were hold for new members of the Tainan city government who just passed the nationally regional and elementary examinations. Although this was my second time to visit the civil service development institute, I had felt a good lecturer could guide audiences to learn, realize, recognize, and appreciate the content of the course as well as even enjoy his/her lecture. Compared with the first experience, I would like to share how I have learnt, realized, and appreciated from these courses in the Southern Tainan University of Science and Technology.

I have joined the team of the Tainan city government since the last year. According to the magazine of Global Views, the mayor, William Lai, has won the five-star prize and this group has also obtained the firstly administrative satisfaction in the whole nation from the years of 2012 to 2014, respectively. Under the second term of the mayor, he wants to make a great progress with all of officials and proposes ten visions for the citizens and noncitizens of Tainan. These visions are one core value, two equilibriums, three aspects of sustainability, four goals, five cultural parks, six index constructions, the reconstruction of seven city sights, eight promotions of civil investment, nine major cases of traffic constructions, and overall reviews of ten land developments.

A vision, at the beginning, is the fundamentally existing right for all of Tainan people who will not face starvation and this right is also corresponding to the statement of the constitution. To live in peace and enjoy his/her work is the primary essentials for individuals as well as stabilizes the development of the whole society.

Secondly, the environmental, developmental, and financial aspects are connecting to each other. A healthy finance can offer enough expenditure in balancing the development of the Tainan area as well as designing and constructing a friendly living place. As a result, these can assist the territory of Tainan as a wonderfully living space for the locals.

In addition, not only pursuing the technologically urban region but also maintaining the cultural capital of Taiwan is the goals for civil servants of the city government to accomplish. Establishing well and fair investment conditions can attract firms or enterprises in advancing the growth of this city. A combination of cultures and tours can upgrade the soft capacity and lead more and more outside residents to look out the beauty of Tainan.
Improving the current buildings and structures, moreover, will influence economic activities around habitants’ domains. They will be benefitted not only from the projects of five cultural parks but also reconstructive sites of seven different views. These foresighted proposals will alter the landscape of the Tainan city and promote its competed capacity with other cities and counties.

Finally, the major infrastructures will be built in order to tie the whole Tainan area more closely such as the plan of the Underground Railroad. The change of the Taipei city is a good example, which dramatically affected the habit of the majority of commuters and solved some traffic jams when the former railroad was underground.

These perspective visions will not also satisfy the current inhabitants but also allure new settlers to live this excellent clime. Furthermore, these expectably municipal developments can allow us to understand the future Tainan city will be and perform the duty of public officials by following the guideline of the mayor.

About the nature of governance, four aspects are incorruptly and diligently doing public affairs, the foundation of humanity, public welfare leading to goodwill, as well as open government, so they have been continuing to practice during the mayor’s second term.

At first, doing public affairs with an incorrupt and diligent attitude is the essential worth for each of civil service workers. Responsibility with one more ounce, for instance, is a new version of public officials when the lecturer, the director of the department of personnel, mentioned. This different view will permit the whole organization more interlaced and close than accountability. Therefore, well performance, high satisfaction, and large profits would be resulted from the intention of the responsibility.

The concept of the foundation of humanity, secondly, will influence our behaviors in the fields of citizens and coworkers. For example, listening civil questions carefully and patiently is dealing with the basis of public affairs, when inhabitants seek our assistance. In order to complete each mission, additionally, having a harmonious and cooperative mentality with colleagues is another way to achieve this notion. As a result, following the rules of administrative ethics will help us easily and appropriately in exercising the extent of official businesses.

The third point is how to take care of disadvantaged minorities in Tainan. When the mayor presents his administrative ideas, public welfare leading to goodwill has been pursued in the sections of economic support, repairing houses, and job counseling, etc. The great milestone was that thirty seven charity organizations in each administrative division were established on March 12, 2015, according to the municipal news. Their three meanings are actively offering assistance, instantly supplying resources, as well as mutual aid between official and civil groups. Hence, the mayor has expected the big Tainan area will be become a warm and progressive city.

Finally, open government is a new trend of majorities of administrations around the world. An example is that an OPEN 1999 for the website and the mobile application program was created in April, 2015 according to the lecture’s material. This idea will allow all residents in Tainan can promptly know the progress of his/her reported case in breakdowns of streetlamps, animal rescues, or fixing roads, etc. In a visible future, any municipal proposals can be discussed by a civil forum, and every significant issue will be settled by office holders, councilors, and habitants.

To complete these targets above, an aggressive attitude and a positive thinking can aid new novices to familiarize our office routine within a short term. Enhancing the credibility from residents is another task in handling and solving their requests as soon as possible. When all have the same thought, therefore, not only all employees of the city government but also the common people can be worked together as well as formed a cordial and honest society.

In conclusion, Mr. Yeh, Shih-Tao noted Tainan is a good place where people can live carefree and leisurely for dreaming, working, falling in love, and even having marriage. Additionally, most of senior members in the city government would like to recommend three good reasons for staying in Tainan. When become a newly civil service worker, the primary cause is that a dream came true but a newly working journey is initiated with this excellent group. Falling in love and having marriage is the second motive due to inexpensive prices of commodities, plenty dating spots, as well as a few natural disasters. The third explanation is that joining this team and contributing personal abilities will result in a new location where the public have been looking forward to own an impressive life. I wish, for that reason, my future life will be brighter and sparkled in the lovely and charming place of Tainan.